July 14-15 @ Filmocracy Fest 2022

What is the Filmocracy Film Market?

The Filmocracy Film Market is a rapid fire pitch meeting event where participants are put face to face with distribution/talent/production executives looking for projects. 

When and where is the event?

July 14 in-person networking at La Gondola in Beverly Hills, CA

July 15 virtual film market event at festival.filmocracy.com/filmmarket

How does it work?

The in-person event is a simple cocktail mixer. 

The virtual film market will place you in a lobby. You will see waiting rooms for each of the executives participating in the event. You then click on the waiting room for the executive you wish to meet with. Once it’s your turn, you’ll be transported to their meeting office and will have 4 minutes to pitch. You will be able to share video/poster/screen to make your presentation!

How do I attend?

Early bird (May): $50 Regular (June): $75 Late (July): $100 VIP: $500

Submit your film or script at https://filmfreeway.com/filmocracyfilmmarket

Our first event was a HUGE SUCCESS and we’re back at it for our 2nd Filmocracy Film Market. We all know that the #1 most difficult part of filmmaking is finding a partner who will distribute and market your film. But going to film markets is usually focused on sales agents meeting with distributors and not with talent (you!) Filmocracy is bringing the sales agents and distributors TO YOU.

We’ve partnered with dozens of distributors and sales agents from around the world who will be available for industry networking on Day 1 (July 14) at La Gondola Beverly Hills and opening their virtual office doors on Filmocracy on Day 2 (July 15) for you to share your film and vision with them.

Many of you have gone to film markets and prowled the exhibit halls hoping for a serendipitous meeting. Most of you have email blasted screener links with no reply. Everyone has experienced doors shut in their face. This is an event unlike any other, with access to decision making executives at distribution and sales companies actively acquiring content.

You’ll have 4 minutes to chat with executives and they can extend the time if they wish. You can spend that time showing your trailer, explaining your project, or charming their socks off. Either way, how you spend your face-to-face time is up to you.

In order to make sure everyone has enough face-time with the executives, there will be a hard limit to the number of attendees.

Companies attending:
Blue Fox
Endeavor Content
13 Films
All My Friends Films
Envus Worldwide Entertainment LLC
Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal
Film Mode Entertainment
Glass House Distribution
GQue Films
Green Apple Entertainment
Janson Media, Inc.
Law Office of John Cones
Le Hangar
Leomark Studios
LitVision Media
Madhu Entertainment & Media Ltd
Malin Entertainment
Mill Creek Entertainment
Multicom Entertainment Group
Myriad Pictures

Nero Film
Phantasm Films
Radiant Films Intl
Rainshine Entertainment
Rough Diamond Productions
Scatena & Rosner Films
StoryVerse Studios
Sundance Film Festival
TBA studios
The Exchange
Tropico Cine
Vendetta Management
West Coast Pictures
VIM Media
Lion Heart Distribution
Archstone Entertainment
Global Genesis Group
Limit Animation
Tribes Media
XYZ Films
Fuse Media