How does Filmocracy Virtual Festival Hosting Work?
  • We work with you to create a virtual festival environment that is comprised of event spaces & theaters. Each dpsvr can host up to 500 attendees directly (and virtually unlimited streaming out to other platforms) & theaters can show films on linear programming schedules or on demand.
  • You have complete control over attendee mobility and can choose how they move and interact, creating an experience with a sense of time and space, similar to a traditional in-person festival environment.
How much does it cost?
  • Our starter plans are as low as FREE to get started!
  • We have found that nearly every festival and event has unique requirements, thus, we have many different pricing options and scenarios. Please contact us so that we can help you organize the best event possible!
How do you handle piracy and geoblocking?
  • We offer rights-managed availability windows and geoblocking for each film in your programming schedule.
  • We utilize strict security and encryption protocols while geoblocking access to specific territories, with simple press and industry overrides.
  • Filmocracy follows and surpasses industry-best security practices, utilizing a combination of widely accepted security protocols along with our own custom-built solutions.
How do you handle media files?
  • Files are transferred securely from cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox through our custom transfer servers. We are also able to create custom private secure buckets if you would like to upload the films yourself.
  • All films are transcoded into encrypted versions and hosted on our secure servers during the event. After the event has ended and the viewing window is closed, all video, poster, and other content files are automatically removed from the system (unless otherwise requested NOT to be removed by the festival/filmmaker for future use).
How does ticketing work?
  • You are free to use any ticketing platform, all we need is for you to provide a list of emails that are divided by badge type. We also have integrations with several 3rd party ticketing platforms, and can also offer ticketing solutions directly through Filmocracy as well for the most streamlined experience.
How is this different from other hosting platforms?
  • There are many digital solutions for events but none have a fully integrated video streaming platform with virtual events. 
  • By combining the viewing experience with a sense of space and spontaneity, we are more closely creating the feeling of a physical festival.
  • Many festivals are simply sending out Vimeo + Zoom links but film festivals are much more than just a series of links. It’s about connecting, networking, and the feeling that you never know who you might see/meet/or bump into.
What do you need from me?
  • After we give you a demo of the platform, we work together to design your event layout.
  • We provide you with an AWS link to upload all of the screening assets, or transfer them for you FREE of charge from cloud storage providers such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • You provide images, video rolls, and locations of where you want sponsor banners/info.
  • You provide the list of emails of attendees broken down by badge type.
  • We provide you the registration link to insert into your ticketing platform receipt.
  • We train your staff to act as administrators during your event. We will also provide supplementary staff to provide technical support.
What options do sponsors and advertisers have for visibility?
  • Tables, rooms, and floors can be “reserved” with their names and logos.
  • Virtual product placements.
  • Sponsored virtual event spaces.
  • Custom interactive spaces/games.
  • Banners can be placed throughout.
  • In-stream video ads can be shown.
  • Custom Filmocracy avatar items and quests can be made.
  • Sponsored products can be sold in the shop or automatically distributed to attendees who watch/rate films.
  • We are also able to work on custom opportunities for you and your sponsors!
How many attendees can I have?
  • We have various solutions for events of all sizes. Contact us to discover what will work for your festival.