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Seoul Webfest 2021

Founded in 2015, the Seoul Webfest in South Korea is the very first web series festival in Korea & Northeast Asia and the only webfest in Asia. We are creatively looking to 2021 and the 7th Seoul Webfest!

Thank you for your amazing support throughout the years and the global interest in the Seoul Webfest (KWEBFEST). Because of you, our online Seoul Webfest 2020 was a huge success! 

Seoul Webfest 2021 submissions have been accepted for web series and shorts from all over the world.

Our goal for 2021 is to give creators the opportunity to share their content internationaly. We invite you to join us on FILMOCRACY where you can view on-demand screenings, networking activities, a virtual red carpet, panels and more. The awards show will premier on  the Seoul Webfest YouTube channel.

We hope to see filmmakers from around the world join together in support of each other in the webfest community.

More International Webfest Partners Than Ever!

Over 30 partners will give the web series selected this year more exposure in more countries. The Festival partners for 2021 are LAWEBFEST, Marseille Webfest, Melbourne Web Fest, Roma Webfest, Bilbao Seriesland Webfest, Die Seriale, Webfest Montreal, Rio Webfest, Berlin Webfest, Sicily Webfest, Wendie Webfest Hamburg, South Florida Webfest,  Buenas Aires Webfest, Baja Webfest, Copenhagen Webfest, NZ Webfest, Caribbean WebFest, Minnesota Webfest, NYC Webfest,  DC Webfest, Dublin Webfest, Toronto Webfest, Carballo Interplay Digital Content Festival, Rolda Webfest, Jaipur International Film Festival, Miami Webfest, New Jersey Webfest, and The World Series Web Cup.

Seoul Webfest will be the place to be in 2021!


Awards & Prizes-

– Best Action
– Best Animation
– Best Comedy
– Best Sketch Comedy
– Best Drama
– Best Teen Drama
– Best Thriller
– Best Horror
– Best Reality
– Best Documentary
– Best Science Fiction


– Best Actor
– Best Actress
– Best Supporting Actor
– Best Supporting Actress
– Best Rising Star
– Best Guest Star
– Best Ensemble Cast

– Best VR360
– Best Pilot
– Best Web Series of All Genres

– Best Director
– Best Screenplay
– Best Editor
– Best Cinematographer
– Best Sound Design
– Best Production Design
– Best Costume Design
– Best Special/Visual Effect

Special Awards TBA

​Founder’s Greeting
Young Man Kang ㅣ Founder & Executive Director

Thank you for your amazing support and interest for Seoul Webfest (aka KWEBFEST).
2021 marks the 7th webfest!  In 2021 submissions were accepted for web series, short form, and shorts from all over the world.

Kwebfest in South Korea in 2015 was the very first web series festival in Korea & Asia. Each year we’ve shown about 200 ~ 250 web series, short form and shorts. Our Festival partners include over 35 webfests from around the world!

The worldwide pandemic has for the second year forced the Seoul Webfest to be held virtually. Known in the world of webfests to be one of the top festivals to attend, we sorely miss the gathering of creators here in South Korea. Always seeking to find creative solutions, we have joined with FILMOCRACY this year to allow our submissions to be viewed around the world. In addition, the Seoul Webfest will still be able to be the place were creators can join together to support one another and to celebrate each other’s success. We invite you to a new paradigm of festival where you can take part in screenings, networking events, and view a red carpet photo album on FILMOCRACY, and watch the award show on YouTube.

We hope the best to all in 2021!

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