Welcome to the v-IMFF 2021 film enclave!

We are so excited to bring another year of incredible programming to you – 25 films, 8 countries, and all the excellent film-makers. Let us be your “passport” to new worlds and join the community to discuss the very human, universal themes that emerge.

Get your wine/chai/Topo Chico ready, pair it with some samosas or momos and let’s dive into the programming!

Here is your TRAVEL GUIDE to navigate the Virtual IMFF 2021 film enclave:


All our live screenings – including Feature presentations and Shorts Showcases, will play in the Theatre. Head here after attending the “Pre-Screen” event in our Q&A lobby. Make sure to check the timings on our schedule before coming in!



This is where the fun happens! Pre-screen presentations, Film-maker Q&As, Panel Discussions, Opening and Closing Night parties – all of these will take place in the Q&A Lobby. Head here before & after heading to the theatre for your live screening.



Missed one of our live presentations? Don’t worry – you can always catch it in our On Demand Streaming Library. All films from the weekend will be available on Monday and Tuesday of the next week so you can watch them at your leisure. That bei

Here is a TECH GUIDE to the Festival

How do I buy tickets / access Filmocracy?

Head to the FAQ section to see the slideshow about how to access our event.

How should I watch the festival?

Once you have a festival pass and set up your Filmocracy account, please use a Chrome Browser on your desktop / laptop to navigate to our Festival Map. Please plan to set-up as you would for an “official” video call – check your mic and camera so you can participate fully! Use our Film Schedule to find out about screening times and Q&A sessions. 

I want to watch the film on my TV. How can I do this?

The best way to do this (and IM recommended way) is to use an HDMI cable that connects your laptop to your TV (you may need to buy an HDMI adapter cable if you have a MacBook with only USB-C ports). 

If you’re more adventurous and have a Smart TV, here are other options:

  • Use Airplay to stream from your Mac to an Apple TV.
  • Use Chromecast to cast from your laptop to TV.

Since you will be using your laptop to interact with attendees and film-makers in our Q&A lobby, we highly recommend using the HDMI cable for the least hassle.

The Festival Map is too big / too small! What do I do?

If you’ve zoomed in too much / or the map has gotten too small, follow these steps:

  • Click into the festival map on your screen. 
  • If you’re on a Mac, 
  • press the Command key, and the + key together to zoom-in and make the map bigger.
  • press the Command key, and the – key together to zoom-out and make the map smaller.
  • If you’re on a PC, 
  • press the Ctrl key, Ctrl and the + key together to zoom-in and make the map bigger.
  • press the Ctrl key, Ctrl and the – key together to zoom-out and make the map smaller.

You can move around the map by selecting with your key pad and dragging around the mouse pointer.

More questions? Reach out to tech@indiememe.org.

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By attending the virtual platform, you are agreeing to abide this code of conduct. Anyone found to be violating this code of conduct may be expelled at the discretion of organizers.

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  • Deliberate intimidation

  • Stalking

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  • Sustained disruption of talks, presentations or other events and activities

  • Unwelcomed sexual attention

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