Op. Cope (An Algorithmic Opera) USA

72 min | Documentary | 2020

Directed by
Jae Shim

Produced by
Alex Tao and Jae Shim

Sneak Preview

Live virtual screening on Friday, Dec. 4th @ 8:00pm PST followed by Q&A with filmmaker Jae Shim and participants David Cope and Keith Muscutt.

Note: This film may be viewed from anywhere in the United States.

David Cope was commissioned to write an opera in the 80’s when he suffered a major composer’s block, sparking interest in a cybernetic partner. After years of programming, he produced an algorithm named EMI, Experiments in Musical Intelligence, that could generate compelling works in the style of western classical music composers. Widely recognized as a champion of artificial creativity, he wields a body of work that spans art, astronomy, and literature, in addition to music. In his latest book, David explores what it means to be creative from human and machine perspectives while sharing past, present, and future inventions.


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