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Panel 1 – Engagement: Audience & Filmmaker Relations

Date: Thursday Dec 9 @10am PST

  • Description: Marketing Initiatives, Connecting with Your Audiences through Memberships, Virtual Hospitality Programs (Aud and fm), Virtual vs Live Festival Audience, Virtual Happy Hours (fm), Revenue Sharing (fm), Data Sharing (fm).
  • Panelists: Jon Fitzgerald (Film Festival Mastery), Leslie Vanderpool (Bahamas Intl Film Festival), and Barbara Morgan (Austin Film Festival).
  • ROOM LINK: https://filmocracy.com/redirect/0378e740-7886-487f-9749-1b80ef0f5bc4

Panel 2 – Technology: Capitalizing on the Digital Frontier 

Date: Thursday Dec 9 @1pm PST

  • Description: How Technology is Reshaping Film Festivals, Hosting/Video Players, Virtual Conferencing for a New Era, What is hybrid? 
  • Panelists: Paul Jun (Filmocracy), Kasia Kaczmarczyk (Filmocracy), Eric Blakeney (People’s Republic of Movies), Brian Mates (First Brave Group).
  • ROOM LINK: https://filmocracy.com/redirect/0378e740-7886-487f-9749-1b80ef0f5bc4

Panel 3 – Sponsorship Relations 

Date: Friday Dec. 10 @10am PST

  • Description: Pricing the Benefit Packages, Media Packages, Creative Offerings, The Marketing Angle, and Customization
  • Panelists: Jon Fitzgerald (Film Festival Mastery), Melanie Addington (Tallgrass Film Festival), Mat Newman (Filmocracy), Mara McCann (Showbiz Connection).
  • ROOM LINK: https://filmocracy.com/redirect/0378e740-7886-487f-9749-1b80ef0f5bc4

Panel 4 – Revenues 

Date: Friday Dec 10 @1pm PST

  • Description: Memberships for Year-Round Programming, Corporate Sponsorship (general), Ticket/Pass Sales, Special Events, VOD, & Grants, and Ticketing systems.
  • Panelists:  Paul Jun (Filmocracy), Jenna Suru (Paris Intl Film Festival), Ehren Hanson (Viewcy), & Sonny Vaacher.
  • ROOM LINK: https://filmocracy.com/redirect/0378e740-7886-487f-9749-1b80ef0f5bc4



Panel 1- Submission Strategies: Knowing your Goals 

Date: Thursday Dec 9 @11am PST

Panel 2 – Getting on the Radar 

Date: Thursday Dec 9 @2pm PST

Panel 3 – Networking

Date: Friday Dec 10 @11am PST

Panel 4 – Marketing & Distribution

Date: Friday Dec 10 @2pm PST

  • Description: Maximizing the value of your screenings (online and offline), Marketing & Promotion, Q&A Execution, and Alternative Distribution.
  • Panelists: Justin Giddings (The Kickstarter Guy/Film Festival Mastery); Alan Ng (Film Threat), Danny Costa (Direct Current Laboratories), Mehrdad Sarlak, Jordi Matsumoto (Marching Penguin).
  • Room Link: https://filmocracy.com/redirect/4f500378-548a-494c-8aa1-0e5235533e19


Round Table 1 – Independent Film Exhibition: Discovery & Distribution 

Date: Saturday 11:00 AM PST

  • Panelists: Lauren DeVillier (Struum), Keegan McColl (Projektor), Jeffrey Winter (The Film Collaborative), Michael Kuhnert, The Video Project, Paul Jun (Filmocracy)
  • Description: As the number of film festivals and streaming platforms continue to increase, there are more opportunities for exhibition. Emerging filmmakers want to be discovered by industry professionals and audiences. Acquisition executives continue to seek projects to distribute. With this discussion, industry experts will shed light on the overlapping paths of discovery and distribution.
  • Room Link: https://filmocracy.com/redirect/ab8ba8cb-0ac0-442e-a761-7b947fdc6e51

Round Table 2 – Impact Filmmaking: Education & CTA 

Date: Sunday 11:00 AM PST

  • Panelists: Liz Marshall, Filmmaker/Meat the Future, Erin Sorenson, Steve Ecclesine, filmmaker/Have You Heard About Greg,; Jon Fitzgerald, iGEMS
  • Description: Ever since Participant Media ushered in a wave of social impact films, from the Oscar winning An Inconvenient Truth (2006), to Food, Inc (2008) and The Cove (2008), we’ve seen the Documentary space grow exponentially. Many of these films are going beyond mainstream theatrical and streaming platform releases into educational markets, creating awareness and activations. We will explore how these films inform and create change with their Call to Action.
  • Room Link: https://filmocracy.com/redirect/ab8ba8cb-0ac0-442e-a761-7b947fdc6e51




Date: Thursday December 9th @5pm PST


Date: Friday Dec 10 

Streaming – 

Date: Saturday Dec 11 w/ Vuulr


Date: Sunday Dec 12 

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