How does Filmocracy Virtual Festival Hosting Work?
  • We work with you to create a virtual festival map environment that is comprised of buildings & theaters. Each building can host up to 1,000 attendees & theaters can host an unlimited number of viewers on a linear programming schedule or on demand.
  • Your attendees are able to move freely between buildings and theaters by using the map and have an experience much more similar to a traditional festival environment.
How much does it cost?
  • Our starter plans are as low as FREE to get started! Depending on the requirements of your event, we have many different pricing options and scenarios. Please contact us so that we can help you organize the best event possible!
How do you handle piracy and geoblocking?
  • Rights-managed availability windows and geoblocking for each film in your programming schedule.
  • Strict security and encryption protocols with geoblocked access to specific territories, with simple press and industry overrides.
  • We have multiple anti-piracy measures in place and are continuously developing more.
  • We have our own in-house DRM (included) and can also implement any other DRM protections that you require, from Widevine to Nagra and more (some DRM solutions will require additional cost).
How many attendees can I have?
  • We have various solutions for events of all sizes. Contact us to discover what will work for your festival.
How does ticketing work?
  • You are free to use any ticketing platform, all we need is for you to provide a list of emails that are divided by badge type. We also have integrations with several 3rd party ticketing platforms, and can also offer ticketing solutions through Filmocracy as well.
Can you walk me through the attendee experience?
  1. Attendee purchases a ticket through your ticketing platform (let’s say eventbrite). They will receive a receipt with a link to the event.
  2. Attendee follows the link and is directed to Filmocracy.com/YourFestivalName. They view a brief video tutorial of how to use the platform.
  3. Attendee closes the tutorial and sees a virtual festival map. They decide after viewing the program guide to watch MOVIE ONE at 11am in theater 2. They click on the theater and now see our video player with integrated chat, ratings, and review system.
  4. After the screening ends, they see in the program guide that there is a director’s discussion in the gold building at 2pm. They click on the building picture and it opens up to a ballroom style map with 19 tables, each capable of hosting 8 people video chatting. Attendee is able to move around between tables but once the event starts, all attendees in the Gold building are seeing a live video feed from the host & director.
  5. During the director’s discussion, they can chat, ask question in the Q+A, and even be brought up onto the stage by the host to speak directly with the director.
How is this different from other hosting platforms?
  • There are many digital solutions for events but none have a fully integrated video streaming platform with virtual conferencing. 
  • By combining the viewing experience with a sense of space and spontaneity, we are more closely creating the feeling of a physical festival.
  • Many festivals are simply sending out Vimeo + Zoom links but film festivals are much more than just a series of links. It’s about connecting, networking, and the feeling that you never know who you might see/meet/or bump into.
What do you need from me?
  • After we give you a demo of the platform, we work together to design your festival map layout.
  • We provide you with an AWS link to upload all of the screening assets, or transfer them for you FREE of charge from cloud storage providers such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • You provide images, video rolls, and locations of where you want sponsor banners/info.
  • You provide the list of emails of attendees broken down by badge type.
  • We provide you the registration link to insert into your ticketing platform receipt.
  • We train your staff to act as administrators during your event. We will also provide supplementary staff to provide technical support.
What options do sponsors and advertisers have for visibility?
  • Tables, rooms, and floors can be “reserved” with their names and logos.
  • Banners can be placed throughout.
  • In-stream video ads can be shown.
  • Custom Filmocracy avatar items and quests can be made.
  • Sponsored products can be sold in the shop or automatically distributed to attendees who watch/rate films.
  • We are also able to work on custom opportunities for you and your sponsors!