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Cinematographers as Directors

Screenwriting for the Global Industry

OTT & Theatrical Future of a Film Release

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Future of Film Markets Worldwide (A)

Migrant Stories - Cinema & its social responsibility

How I made my First Film (D)

Welcome to the 2020 Diorama Film Festival & Market!

Dec 18, 2020 – Jan 01, 2021

Diorama seeks to redefine Film Festivals by introducing meaningful film sections, real entertainment, the science of cinema, the business of cinema and education. The Festival seeks to focus only on the word ‘connect’ with the Festival delegates across art, commerce and science of cinema.

Diorama Film Bazaar connects Content Sellers, Buyers, Producers, Directors, Financiers and Governments. The first edition of Diorama Film Bazaar transacted business worth USD 3 million. To participate, or to know more please login to our website.

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