Welcome to Alula’s Virtual Film Town!

In this season of social distancing, we bring the movie-going experience we all miss too much into your home. Join us for the annual celebration of great cinema, diverse storytelling and thought provoking conversation…31 films, 15 screenings and more events all in one place.

Crack open a beer/soda/water, pair it with your favorite snack pack, and dive into the cinema world you love and deserve!

Now here is your TRAVEL GUIDE to navigate in Alula Film Town:

What are the Buildings for and Where Do I Go?


(Design after King Hu’s 1967 Taiwanese wuxia classic Dragon Inn)

This is your one-stop info center to understand this year’s festival and its function. Always come back here for all the big questions about where, what, when and how.

Box Office

(Design after the 1993 Hong Kong fantasy film Green Snake made by Tsui Hark, a classic adaptation of a Chinese folk tale.)

This is where you can buy tickets to each screenings. Festival pass is also for sale if you want get the most out of the festival and enjoy a BIG discount.


(Design after Kaiping Diaolou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular filming location for many Chinese movies such as Jiang Wen’s 2010 film Let the Bullet Fly.)

What to know more about ALULA/DCCFF? The Festival Headquarter building takes you to our official website where you can learn all about our story.


(Tribute to our wonderful host and partner “Landmark’s E Street Cinema in DC since 2014. We wait and pray for your return.)

All NARRATIVE FEATURES will be played here in Alula E Street Cinema. Check our festival schedule for more details and get your ticket in advance at The Box Office.


(Design tribute to the historic movie palace on Hollywood Blvd.)

This is where you go to watch DOCUMENTARY FEATURES, including four competition films and two special screenings. Follow the schedule for screening times and get your ticket now.


(Design in reference to the widely known complex building in Hong Kong that served as one of the filming locations for Wong Kar-wai’s 1994 movie Chungking Express.)

This is where all of this year’s SHORT FILMS & EXPERIMENTAL FILMS resides. Each screening here is a unique mixture of narrative, documentary, animation and other creative forms of filmmaking. Get tickets and be prepare to get your mind blown.


(Design inspired by Fujian tulou, unique southeastern Chinese rural dwellings you might find in many films such as the 2016 animation Big Fish & Begonia.)

We host all the Q&As and panels in here. Filmmakers from all around the world are joining in for live discussions. Check the schedule for details. Access and participation to activities in this building are FREE (user registration required).


(Tribute to classic sci-fi movies and the futurist feeling that we’re lonely and connected at once.)

This is a hangout place for all. Think of it as a virtue club house where you can “meet” and chat with fellow filmmakers, cinephiles, and festival goers. All you need is to bring your own drink.

A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE on How to Attend the Festival:

STEP 1 – Save the Dates

Check our schedule and find the film/event you want to attend. Remember the virtual location & time. All films and events are live streaming in real time for ONLY ONCE. Just like physical events, if you miss the beginning, there’s no way to start over.

STEP 2 – Buy Tickets

For film screenings, you need to buy tickets from box office. Some screenings have a limit on streaming capacity, so make sure to get your ticket early.

All Q&As and Panels are free of charge, all you need is a free account on Filmocracy.

STEP 3 – Register

Make sure to register on Filmocracy with the same email you used to buy the ticket(s). This will guarantee you the access to the films you purchased.

STEP 4 – Attend the event

For Film Screenings, come to the right theater at the right time of the screening you purchased, login to your Filmocracy account, and wait for the film to start.

To attend the Q&As and Panels, simply go to the ACTIVITY CENTER at the set event time and login to your account. Attendees are not allowed to use the mic and camera unless allowed by the host, but you can participate by typing your questions/comments in the live-chat box.


If you have questions, contact us at info@dccff.org or leave a message by clicking on the chat button on the bottom corner of the map.

CHEAT LINKs for Instant Travel:

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