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Cinema Femme Short Film Festival

Cinema Femme is a platform for emerging underrepresented filmmakers, which includes cis women, trans women and non-binary people. To support these filmmakers, we showcase their short films, provide education through featured interviews, and offer mentorship with seasoned filmmakers. We are vocal about the need for change onscreen and behind the lens. We believe that together we can change the industry for the better. Our short film festival is an extension of our mission, and the people in film we feature (cinemafemme.com).

Cinema Femme magazine continues our short film festival into 2022!

The festival runs from 4/28/22 – 5/1/22. We will be having a Q&As with the filmmakers, panel discussions, and tribute events. The festival emphasizes the importance of supporting emerging female, non-binary and other underrepresented filmmakers by connecting them to seasoned industry members through our Breaking Down Walls Mentorship Program.  The name of our mentorship program was inspired by our interview with Hannah Beachler in 2019 (embedded here). What we are doing through this mentorship program is breaking down walls in the industry and redesigning the institutions.

The goal is for talented emerging female, non-binary and other underrepresented filmmakers to have long-lasting, successful careers. This year our festival will be hosted on the Filmocracy platform and will screen 23 films. Cinema Femme was selected for a Filmocracy Fellowship for female-centric film festivals from all over the world. We are so excited about the virtual capabilities, opportunities and possibilities this platform allows.

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