It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4!

  1. Get your ticket/pass from your the Aspen Shortsfest website

  2. Check out the Aspen Shortsfest festival schedule

  3. Click on the building for the event you want to attend on the virtual downtown Aspen Festival map

  4. Use the same email to create your Filmocracy account

For more specific questions and answers, check out the FAQ below, or if you don’t see your question there, send us a message using the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

  1. When will representatives be responding to Shortsfest Festival related chats?

    1. We will be responding April 6-April 10 between 9AM and 6PM MT and April 11 between 9AM and 1PM MT.

  1. Which browsers are supported on Filmocracy?

    1. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox

  1. Can I access the Virtual Aspen Map using a mobile device or a tablet?

    1. The navigation and functionally is not optimal when using a mobile device or a tablet. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to enjoy the full virtual experience.

  1. I am seeing an “Access Denied” Message

      1. If you are seeing this message when you are trying to create an account: Please make sure that the email used during the Shortsfest pass purchase is the same as you used to create your Filmocracy account. If you are unable to see the event after logging in with the correct email address, then the pass was not assigned to your account, in which case please contact us using the chat function on the lower right corner of your screen or emailing hospitality@aspenfilm.org.

      2. If you are seeing this message when you try to click on an Interactive building:

        1. Either the event has not yet started or you don’t have access to this building. If you think that you have received this message in error, please contact us using the chat function on the lower right corner of your screen or emailing hospitality@aspenfilm.org.

  1. How do I show up and join a table or conversation?

    1. Ensure your Camera and Microphone are BOTH on and you will “show up” at the virtual event.

  1. How do I turn my camera or mic on?

    1. Simply click “Cam on” and “Mic on” at the bottom of your screen. If clicking on the “Cam on” and “Mic on” buttons at the bottom of the screen do not work, your browser may be blocking us from accessing those devices. Please click on the “lock” or “video” icon next to the web address field in your browser and make sure Camera and Microphone are allowed.

  1. My sound or video isn’t working or I can see and hear people but they can’t hear/see me.

    1. Sometimes browsers aren’t running the most up to date versions. In many instances switching from one browser to another (Chrome → Safari or Safari → Chrome or Chrome → Firefox) can quickly solve the issue.

  1. My screen is blank and nothing is happening.

    1. Perform a hard refresh of your browser.

      1. If you’re using a PC, please press ctrl + shift + r.

      2. If on a Mac, please press cmd + shift + r.

  1. Who do I contact if I have a question or an issue?

    1. If you have questions while you are in the Virtual Downtown Aspen map, you can send us a message using the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen or email hospitality@aspenfilm.org.


What devices and browsers are supported for watching films?

We are working hard to support most devices and browsers, and you should be able to enjoy watching the films on virtually any device and browser.


What devices and browsers are supported for the live conferencing events?

We are working hard to support more browsers, but at the moment we only support the following computer operating systems and browsers:

Operating System (OS)

Operating System (OS) Version


Browser Version









12.1+ (no screen sharing)

13+ (full compatibility)











For MacOS we support the following versions:

  • High Sierra – 10.13
  • Mojave – 10.14
  • Catalina – 10.15

Unsupported Browsers:


Any browsers not listed above are not supported or tested by our internal team. You can try to use these unsupported browsers but you may not be able to share your screen, or use your camera or microphone.

What Mobile Devices and Browsers are Supported?


Our mobile web version is still in beta, but we do support the following devices.

Operating System (OS)

Operating System (OS) Version


Browser Version

iOS Mobile Web (beta)




Android Mobile Web (beta)




iOS / iPhone:

For iOS, we support:

  • iOS 12.4.1 +
  • iOS 13.0 +

For iPhone Device Hardware, we support:

  • iPhone 6s or better

For iPhone Browsers, we support:

  • iPhone Safari Version 12.1+


For Android OS, we support:

  • Android 7
  • Android 8
  • Android 9
  • Android 10

For Android Device Hardware, we support:

  • Android phones that are sold from the year 2016 and onwards

For Android Browsers, we support:

  • We support the Google Chrome browser version 77+ on Android only, download it here

The Aspen Shortsfest (ASF) on Filmocracy’s virtual platform is dedicated to providing a fun, safe, and harassment-free event for everyone. All attendees, speakers, sponsors, vendors and Festival staff (“participants”) are required to comply with the Filmocracy code of conduct.

By attending the virtual platform, you are agreeing to abide this code of conduct. Anyone found to be violating this code of conduct may be expelled at the discretion of organizers.

ASF/ Filmocracy has a zero-tolerance policy and will not tolerate any harassing or abusive behavior towards any participants. We ask all participants to behave and create a safe and supportive environment of inclusiveness.

Harassing or abusive behavior may occur in various platforms such as, via email, forums, chats, video conferencing or social media and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Deliberate intimidation

  • Stalking

  • Inappropriate photography or recording (sexual or violent in nature)

  • Sustained disruption of talks, presentations or other events and activities

  • Unwelcomed sexual attention

Comments or actions based on personal characteristics such as gender, gender identity, and expression; age; sexual orientation; disability; physical appearance; race; religion; political affiliation
Please report any harassing or abusive behavior incident to events@filmocracy.com